Cambrelle® is the world’s best known, most used branded shoe lining. The secret is in its unique fibre structure.

High absorption of moisture Cambrelle® has the capacity to absorb in its fibre construction up to 350 % of its own dry weight before it will feel damp. This means it can easily cope with perspiration associated with the most strenuous activities.
Dries quickly – inhibits odour It does not transfer moisture to other parts of the shoe from where it cannot easily escape or evaporate. Once the wearer takes his foot out of a shoe lined with Cambrelle®, the stored moisture evaporates straight back into the atmosphere. By releasing moisture this way, shoes last longer as the bacteria associated with perspiration do not begin to break down other parts of the shoe. Shoes recover faster. Cambrelle® will not rot and is safe against mildew.
Durable and long lasting Cambrelle® non-woven linings will usually outlast the life of any footwear.
Added comfort Footwear comfort relies on keeping feet feeling dry. Cambrelle® delightfully cool in summer and warm in winter. Even its construction provides a comfortable cushioning effect.
Microscopic cross-section of leather’s fibre structure
Microscopic cross-section of Cambrelle®’s fibre structure with air spaces for ventilation and moisture absorption
Blowup of Cambrelle®’s surface texture pattern

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