We work ecologically responsible.

Environmental policy of L. Priebs GmbH & Co. KG

L. Priebs GmbH & Co. KG is committed to environmental responsibility towards society and future generations. We want to continually reduce the environmental impacts caused by our products and business processes. This is a matter of course for us to use resources sparingly, with the main focus being on energy saving. We are trying to limit all actions that cause CO2 or to use lower-carbon alternatives. We neutralize the remaining, unavoidable CO2 by supporting a forest protection project in Brazil.

We want to continue the path of CO2 neutrality in the future. A clear goal for us is to use durable materials that meet the requirements of an ecological product design and which are produced and used under socially acceptable conditions.

The basis for our responsible approach to the environment is compliance with environmental laws and regulations. For all procurement, production and marketing activities, our aim is to avoid, recycle and dispose of waste and emissions as much as possible. We are trying to involve our suppliers in our efforts to provide environmental protection, with the traceability of the raw material right up to the producer being extremely important to us.

We offer our employees a corporate climate in which the sense of responsibility for the high quality of our products is promoted. Through human and ecological working conditions in the sense of hygiene, safety and health at the workplace, we also motivate them to act in an environmentally conscious manner.

In communicating with customers, employees, authorities and the public, openness and correct information are the main focus.

With these principles of environmental policy, L. Priebs GmbH & Co. KG is committed to continually improving environmental protection, to continue to act in a climate-neutral manner and to further develop the implementation of established management systems.